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How To Get Involved

  • Volunteer for Let Freedom Ring

      Volunteer opportunities include monitoring a web site, joining a groups mail or e-mail list, subscribing to a publication, serving as a liaison to other groups on behalf of Let Freedom Ring, monitoring a local school district or governmental body, monitoring religious right media, planning a program, following status of legislation.

      Before each election, help is needed researching candidates and their funding sources and learning about candidate forums and endorsements by other groups

  • Keep informed about issues
  • Contact your elected officials to express your views
  • Learn about candidates
  • Inform Let Freedom Ring of events or activities of religious right or those opposed to the religious right
  • Vote and attend precinct caucuses the night of the election
  • Donate money to political organizations & candidates who will protect our democracy & civil liberties & will oppose the religious right’s agenda
  • Volunteer for political campaigns
  • Attend local city council, school board & other community meeting
  • Write letters to editors of newspapers
  • Encourage discussion of political issues in your family
  • Promote programs on the religious right and their agenda in your congregation, civic & social organizations
  • Join groups that support separation of church and state, individual liberty, and freedom of expression
  • Subscribe to publications
  • Share what you learn with others




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