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What is Let Freedom Ring?

Let Freedom Ring is an organization committed to preserving and promoting separation of church and state, individual liberty, and freedom of expression in the Houston area. We are broad-based, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian. Our members represent diverse political, ideological, and religious perspectives.


We have united in opposition to the religious right in the Houston community. We oppose those who insist that public institutions conform to one narrow sectarian perspective.


Let Freedom Ring alerts Houstonians to the increasing threats in our community by the religious right to the cherished American principles of church-state separation, individual liberty, and shared freedom. We provide a means for Houstonians to become better informed about the agenda and tactics of sectarian and political extremists. We offer a way for Houstonians to join together to uphold the rights of all and to enhance the strength and unity of our community.

Why Was Let Freedom Ring Started?

Let Freedom Ring was started in response to the "radical right/religious right," a national political movement gaining influence in the Houston area. The religious right has been increasingly successful in having its agenda adopted in our area.


Candidates backed by the religious right are being elected to the local judiciary, our school boards, the state legislature, the State Board of Education, and Congress. They dominate the Texas Republican Party and many Harris County Republican precincts.


The religious right’s goal to use tax money to fund private religious schools through vouchers almost became law in Texas. They fought for the "right" to recite a prayer over the public address system before public high school football games all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. They are working to eliminate public schools, Head Start, and environmental protection; to establish the government as regulator of adult reproductive choice and sexual behavior by outlawing abortion and homosexuality; to censor all literature, art, and entertainment according to their definition of decency; and to return women to a role of legal inferiority.

What Does Let Freedom Ring Do?

  • Distributes educational materials – publishes a monthly newsletter reporting on the religious right’s activities and agenda in the legislature, Congress, the courts, and other areas.


  • Collects and maintains information about individuals and organizations involved with the religious right in the Houston area and elsewhere and about efforts to counter them.


  • Encourages responsible citizen participation in society – publishes the identity of local candidates who have ties to the religious right, tips on learning about candidates and contacting elected officials, and action alerts.


  • Creates a network for cross-issue discussion and united action – publicizes local events and activities that educate or activate those opposed to the religious right.




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